Writing A Novel In 90 Days

A while back, one of my friends, Elizabeth Bear, started a community called Novel in 90 over on LiveJournal to help another writer get on task with a project. The goal was to write 3 pages a day for 90 days and complete ”a novel-length manuscript in a reasonable time, under real-life conditions.”

There are now 90 days, counting today, until the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Ideally, I want to knock out more than 3 pages/750 words a day, which is a short novel of 67,500 words. So far, I’m two chapters and 25 pages into the current draft. I’ve mapped out the next several chapters and I have a pretty good idea on what’s going to happen throughout the rest of the book after these set up the action/reaction between characters as they respond to events. I’ve got love and obsession, as well as murder and revenge to put into words. And then there’s the resurrection of a death goddess. All of which should add up to more than 67k if I sit down and do the work. I can’t think of better examples to follow than Bear or Charlie Finlay (mentioned in my first WordPress post back on July 16) when I comes down to planting your butt in a chair.

Call this a death march. Call this novel in 90. Call it gorgonzola if that’s how you want to describe the creative process. The name doesn’t matter … heck, the title doesn’t matter, as the book has a new working title and I don’t think of it as Sacrifices any longer. Names and titles are only boxes my mind uses to arrange my thoughts and ideas. As long as I keep moving forward, all is well.

Hopefully, all this musing about the writing process will help me write the next novel, though I agree with the notion that each novel is its own unique entity.

So, call this Day One of 90.

Project: Sacrifices / Into Dust Descend
Total Word Count:6,250
Target Word Count:90,000 to 100,000
Deadline: October 27, 2010

Snippet: Confession is good for the soul, but a lack of conscience works wonders.


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