Writing About Death Marches

Thirty days remain until World Fantasy and the month started off with a literal death march.

We’ve two cars in our household, and Melissa’s went into the shop yesterday because of a steering fluid leak. First shop called us after half a day to say they couldn’t fix it. Beyond their scope to repair, please take it away, we don’t want to be held responsible. Second shop was the dealer, and they called today to report they could fix the leak for X, and by the way there’s a problem with Y and Z. More than $1,000 in repairs. The other side of the coin dropped this evening when my car finally gave up the ghost, and the transmission failed. It’s limped along since Saturday, and it couldn’t make the last three miles from work to home. Spouse and I ended up parking it in the high school lot and walking back home in the dark on uneven sidewalks and gravel shoulders.

Things can only get better, right?


About stephenwnagy

writer, father, husband. not necessarily in that order.
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One Response to Writing About Death Marches

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