Writing and Moving Forward

It’s a while since I posted here. More than month’s passed since World Fantasy in Columbus. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any con crud, and I’ll credit the good meals I ate with friends in various restaurants around the convention center, as well as the copious amounts of Blue Moon that I consumed in the hotel bar. I think I’ve avoided posting because I didn’t want to make any promises I couldn’t keep. November is rife with tales of novel attempts, and I’ve traveled that path a time or two in the past.

I believe I need to change things up on this blog, adding in some personal reports to go along with the writing observations—though today’s post falls into the latter category—because part of a writer’s journey involves the people and experiences that make up their life. There aren’t any demons I’m battling, such as the ones exposed by the contestants I watch on The Biggest Loser each season, but my daily schedule will become complicated with the new year when the family purchases a membership at the Washtenaw County recreation center, and I’d like to record how we’re doing. I work only a couple of miles away, so making time for exercise amounts to the same as making time for writing.

Plus, I still feel inspired by my time at the convention. Several members of my writing group continue moving forward with their careers, and each bi-weekly submission presented for critique reminds me why I enjoy writing.

I successfully finished and edited my flash fiction piece for the New Scientist contest. I’m fairly certain I didn’t win or even place, but I consider the story successful because (a) I finished it and (b) the writing group liked it for the most part. One critter called it a “prose poem” and that pretty much hit the mark for the effect I wanted.

I made several passes at an outline for the new story, which involved research into autism and genetics, as well as attempts at story starts to see whether I had the right tone/voice for the main character. Part of the problem I face is making the character an active protagonist when acting as an observer is his particular “area of expertise” as a savant. Current plan is to work on fleshing the story out in the next few weeks and submit it to the writing group at the next meeting. Then I can go back to the novel outline and tackle Sacrifices / Into Dust Descend once again. With my plans for exercise, working with the volleyball club as it moves into a new facility and youngest daughter plays in her 15s season, and dealing with possible sinus surgery again, I want to outline the book, and finish a good draft before the Fourth of July (which would give me a cause for celebration). That’s about 180 days if I only take 4-5 days for the outline.


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One Response to Writing and Moving Forward

  1. Hello.

    Was wandering around the site looking for other writers and stumbled across this blog.
    I feel you on the whole scheduling and getting everything in order part of life. In fact, I’d love it if you could stop by my blog and give me any advice you have on my style… I’m trying to get something of a writer’s group together to at least keep abreast of each other, heh.

    Your voice, by the way, feels very natural and open. There’s a lot of flow and structure that keeps the eyes moving. Glad to have the opportunity to read it.

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