Tackled my first three miles last night.

I’ve attempted workout routines where I’ve lifted and “jogged” before, and I’ve completed a 3-mile/5-kilometer distance before, but not with the intent of anything other than maintenance as part of lifting weights. Now, it is all about time and distance with the long-term goal of running in the Big House Big Heart, which is moving to April this coming year.

It took me about 58 minutes to make the distance, walking. My 1.5 mile run on Tuesday took about 25 minutes, five-plus laps jogging, the other 13 walking. I’m going to try to better the latter today when I make up for missing on Wednesday when I covered the phones in the morning. That will leave only a 30-minute walk on Saturday and another 3-mile run on Sunday. Then I’m off for two weeks, and I’ll have time for my runs and a lifting working in the mornings after I drop youngest daughter off at school.

I certainly hope the early workouts will fuel the muse. Between shoveling snow, cleaning and painting the master bedroom, I think the next two weeks will fly.


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writer, father, husband. not necessarily in that order.
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