Three Weeks, Seven Pounds

Finished the third week this afternoon with another three-mile distance. Jogged every third lap out of the 36 total, which is an improvement over last week, where I jogged every fourth lap. It took about 50-52 minutes, which is similar to last week’s time. I don’t have a watch, so I’m not diligently tracking the time. The 12-week program I’m following stresses completion over speed & time; the latter will come as my strength & stamina improves.

Only seven pounds lost during the three weeks. I’ll blame portion control and food choices on that. One good thing to note is that I’m not as hungry during meals; I don’t want to eat seconds. The program has an 18-week “marathon training” program for runners to follow after the 12-week, so if I can maintain my health (and my knees) I might be able to lose a good amount of weight by the end of June. I’m not shooting for any particular number, though, and just want to make it to the end of each program. And possibly some running events, such as the Big House Big Heart on April 15. I’m not sure whether I’ll attempt the 5K or 10K at this point since I am recording 50 minute times for the three miles. No matter what, I’m not discouraged, despite aches and pains.


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