Week Five

I start the running portion of week five of twelve today, and this is where the distances start to get serious. I’ve two two-mile distances, today and Thursday, and two three-mile distances, Wednesday and this weekend.

I haven’t weighed myself since before the holiday. Too busy on the weekend with the holiday. Spouse says she sees progress. Mostly, I notice my chin is more defined than before. I have dropped a pants size, however.

With the 5k/10k in April, and my 12-week program ending in early to mid-February, I’m probably going to repeat it, try to improve my speeds. Right now my knees act up on the jogs and my calves tighten on the walking laps. One point is that I’m starting to zone out on my laps and lose count. I’m seeing that as a good sign; I’m settling into my routine, I’m finding it comfortable. Picked up a lap counter yesterday while running errands, and I’ll see if that helps me “disconnect”; if I’m not so focused on keeping count, I can turn my attention toward my pace.


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