Aches & Pains

Broke out the lap counter yesterday, and the two miles went by a little faster since I didn’t have to keep track on my fingers, engaging in some arcane form of runner sign language. Jogged the first three laps, and I wasn’t winded at all—and then my calves tightened. They didn’t loosen until I was nearly finished with the remaining laps.

I did get to work on plotting and character motivation issues, however, since I was only walking for the laps. It’s nice to get into a zone where I can think about something other than what I’m doing, think about writing, and I only have to remember to push a button every once in a while.

Eldest daughter believes my calf problem might be stretching. In, not enough. I do stretch, but apparently I need to do a more thorough job. I picked up some bananas at the grocery on the way home last night to help with my potassium levels; can’t find the gummy vitamins that Melissa and I take at night, so I’ve only had the C’s, and I want to make sure I’m taking the right steps in regards to “fuel.”

Portion control is turning out well. We had chicken and rice with corn last night, not necessarily the best meal, but I limited myself to one helping rather than the normal two, and I’ve got the second for lunch for today. Breakfast this morning was a single bowl of cereal, which will stop me from filling up on bagels at work today.


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