Outline finished and actual writing commences today on Sacrifices. Mind already playing with ideas for the followup at the same time that I’m letting my muse play with scenes. I’m not talking to myself if you happen to see me while I’m driving to work, I’m writing aloud. Though I should probably invest in a recorder at some point in the future so I don’t look so strange.

Playing with several different epigraphs to start the book. If this was Livejournal I’d probably create a poll and seek input on what might be the best to open the book. I certainly could attempt a poll here, but it really doesn’t make sense if the voters haven’t read the book. Just goes to show you how backward I could get at times.

So, no poll. Instead, I offer you a sample of the ones that may make an appearance throughout the book. I like how Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant uses them in her NewsFlesh books. I don’t know that I’ll have them between each chapter, or even each section, but I’ll have one at the beginning, serving as an epigraph.

I’m starting with the relatively uplifting one from Shakespeare.


Do but behold the tears that swell in me,
And they thy glory through my grief will show…

–William Shakespeare,
Love’s Labour Lost

Howbeit every nation made gods of their own, and put them in the houses of the high places…

–2 Kings 17:29

And some days it don’t come easy,
And some days it don’t come hard,
Some days it don’t come at all, and these are the days
that never end.

And some nights you’re breathing fire.
And some nights you’re carved in ice.
Some nights you’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before
or will again.

–“I’d Do Anything For Love
(But I Won’t Do That)”
Meat Loaf

To lovers true, what matters dark or fair?
Or if the loved one silk or sackcloth wear,
Or lie on down or dust, or rise to heaven?
Yea, though she sink to hell, he’ll seek her there.

–Omar Khayyam,
The Rubaiyat


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