Short Story Done

The new short story is done. Not sure which title to use — “In My Hour of Darkness” or “Let It Be” — but I’ll read it through tomorrow and perhaps ask my spouse to read it and see what she thinks.

It’s short, amounting to about 18 manuscript pages. There’s part of a paragraph on page 19, but not enough for me to artificially inflate the word count. Barring further editorial cuts it’s 4,500 words long. Probably the shortest story I’ve written (if I don’t count the one-pager I dashed off for a Nature contest).

It’s also the first short story I’ve finished since November 2010, and the first writing I’ve finished since I completed Only The Dead back in March 2011. Perhaps it’s time to reopen that novel and finish a rewrite on it? It’s a good story, and commercial, according to the editor who gave it a read way back when.

Before I tackle that project (or dive back into the North Carolina-set supernatural thriller I worked on the last year or the Stanford torus SF book) I need to work on a story for the anthology being put together by Joseph Nassise, Del Howison and Clive Barker — Midian Unmade — which my muse was nice enough to like to present me with a quirky idea.

No matter what, the first hurdle was passed today. I’ve got a good solid draft. :-)


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