C.C. Finlay — Guest Editor of F&SF

A good friend announced recently that he’s going to guest-edit the July/August 2014 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Charlie Finlay — Charles Coleman Finlay on his debut novel and collection of short stories, C.C. Finlay on his Revolutionary War with witches trilogy — is probably one of the smartest guys I know. Back when I first met him back in the late 90s (god, that seems so long ago) he knocked out story after story, honing his craft by emphasizing different ways to actually tell a story. That attention to detail probably explains better than anything else why he did a better job breaking into the writing business. He’s written dozens upon dozens of stories, many reprinted in year’s best anthology collections, in other magazines in other countries … well, suffice to say he knows how to write a good story  He’s run the Blue Heaven workshop since 2003, working with fellow genre writers at a writer’s retreat, where the participants workshop novels. Authors include Cassie AlexanderPaolo BacigalupiChristopher BarzakTobias BuckellRae CarsonDeborah CoatesBrenda CooperDaryl GregoryKarin LowacheeSandra McDonaldPaul MelkoTim PrattSarah PrineasM. RickertIan TregillisCatherynne M. ValenteGreg van Eekhout, and others.

I’m adding this signal boost here for a couple of reasons.

First, because I’m proud of my fellow Sock Monkey.

Second, because I’d like him to see as many stories as possible so his issue really knocks it out of the park. Each issue already does an excellent job, since the current editor, Gordon Van Gelder, isn’t putting second-rate stuff into the magazine, but my interest in making Charlie look even better should be understandable. :-)

Third, because this provides me with a firm deadline for my two #wip. Though I’m probably going to need to figure out beforehand which is the better fit for F&SF. Charlie noted in his announcement post to Facebook that he’s just looking for great stories and there isn’t a special theme for the issue (besides his guest-starring role, of course).

No matter which one I submit, I’ll finish December with two good stories, and that’s a win in my estimation.


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