Keeping My Muse Busy

Work on the two current projects is moving along. I should see some substantial traction in the next few days.

I think I’m going to focus more on the darker piece first while I redo my viewpoint character on the science fiction story. The latter is probably going to end up being a bit longer if I go with the entire arc I first mapped out. I might decide to do shorter snippets with the new viewpoint character, developing the events that brought here to the point in her life where the other viewpoint character starts his journey down the river.

That being said … I ran into some posts on Facebook this past week that will let me keep the muse focused. Kathy Ptacek wrote about an exercise here

where she worked on just the beginnings of stories. Which I think is an excellent idea to keep my cantankerous “other” happy, because she’s a bit of a magpie, always pursuing the next bright shiny story. Kind of makes novel writing hard and frustrating.

The wrinkle I’m adding into this mix owes a nod to a post by Irene Gallo where she added some photos to her Night album.

There are a lot of provoking, thoughtful images in the collection, and I’m planning to write a story based on the emotions each image sparks in my muse. I’ve already created the Word files and while I don’t have any actual words yet, I’ve got tentative working titles. And that counts in my opinion.

So, 2014 is shaping up quite nicely in regards to original fiction. With my Oz story being reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s The Cutting Room this fall I feel like I’m finally “back.”


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