New Year, New Metrics

I’ve tracked what I read and watch for a while now, attempting to reach that (for me) mythical 52 books in a year.

What I watch (DVDs, movies) always tops the 52. That one is easy as pie, and I use the number as a guide to whether I’ve spent too much time away from the written word. So I always want golf score numbers for that category. I’m clearly a duffer, though, if the past is any indication, but I’ll admit that I don’t go out much; video entertainment is a way we unwind in our house. And I can write when the television is on. I let it work like Muzak, creating a background white noise. If it gets too distracting (or interesting) I can always change the channel or turn it off.

Now I’d like to throw another wrinkle into the mix. I’d planned this since 2015 started, but wanted to wait until I had something worth reporting. Namely, I’m going to track what I write throughout the year.

Not word counts. I’m finding those restrictive. So I’m going to instead record finished works, and I knocked out my first short story of the year. It’s a little story called “And Multiply.” It’s subbed, and if I’m fortunate enough to place it somewhere I’ll record that, but the point for these metrics is getting stuff done rather than getting stuff sold.


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