Rejection is the keyword for this past week. Primarily rejections for some of the stories I’ve submitted to several venues, but I did have one company (on the south side of Flint) take a second look at my resume but nix an offer because of the distance I’d have to travel for work. It wasn’t feasible, even with gas prices being as good as they are nowadays.

Can’t sleep tonight, only getting about two hours of restless rack time, as I’ve got a phone interview later this morning. It’s like the nights before a travel volleyball tournament when the girls played club; I knew I had things to do the next day and anticipation kept me on a knife’s edge.

Whether this interview results in a job or not is still an unknown, but it is a first step to getting back what I’ve lost. Life can only look up next week, whether I’ve got a job to go to or not, as I’ll be able to get into a solid routine once Ann Arbor schools return from break and I’ll be up at dawn to shovel the driveway and sidewalks, move the car so the spouse can go to work, and I can go right to the gym before sending out more resumes and knocking out more pages. I’m winning by losing, remember — except I know I don’t want to lose during the interview. It’s better to win by winning.


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writer, father, husband. not necessarily in that order.
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