Three Weeks and Counting

More job apps submitted, some rejected, some still in the works, and there’s a possible interview in the offing, but it’s been three-plus weeks since I started on this new path — this unemployed path — and the jitters don’t hit as often as they did in the first few days but the days seem darker.

I could have driven down to North Carolina for a job interview in Raleigh, but the place paid next to nothing. Add to that scenario the fact that the weather worsened with the recent polar blast last week, and a road trip didn’t seem like a good idea.

Still waiting on a few replies for story submissions, but with the rejections that already came back, it’s hard not to find the prospect of a writer’s life discouraging. You definitely — one hundred percent, no ifs ands buts about it — need to have steady work in the pipeline and good news coming all the time to have that kind of career. Oh, and lots of savings. Kudos to the people I know who are full-time writers. It’s damn hard to do, and you deserve everything you’re given, because I know you’re working hard.


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writer, father, husband. not necessarily in that order.
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