In Which I Find Out About Scams

It’s been a month now (give or take a few days) and there still isn’t any light on the horizon or at the end of the tunnel regarding the job search. I’ve had a few nibbles, but I’ve still haven’t gotten my foot in the door anywhere. No face-to-face interviews, though I’ve gone through some “evaluations” that amount to personality and logic tests.

Those aren’t bad, actually. The personality tests of “who I am” provide an honest assessment. I’m self-assured enough to recognize they’re fairly accurate if you want to use broad strokes. And while I don’t like story problems, I handle the logic tests well enough. Of course, being smart doesn’t necessarily make me “employable.” All of which means I’m moving more and more toward starting over.

If that wasn’t bad enough, all the job applications and resumes  I’ve submitted have put me on the radar of what look like scammers. Without naming anyone, I’ve gotten emails and phone calls from people wanting to place me with D2D commission-only sales or connect me with questionable online degree mills.

Am I angry? No, I can’t say that. More frustrated and chagrined at my prospects. Living off your retirement savings more than decade before you retire wasn’t in my plans. :-)

And I can’t rely on writing as a career, as I’m subject to the whims of the publishers, editors and agents. They want to put out a superior product and make money as much as my former employers. There’s nothing wrong people looking out for themselves. They have to make a living, too. As far as writing is concerned, it’s always been a situation where I have to provide the “superior product” that jumps off the shelves, turns the pages. Luckily, it’s a career I’m mentally suited for and one that I can teach myself by honing by craft. I can only get better by putting words down on the page.

But it’s not a plan. It’s not the same as nearly 30 years in the workplace, though if I’d applied myself to writing in that same timeframe I might be the guy who came up with story X and novel Y rather than an also-ran.

And that’s not bitterness you see in those words. I know that where I am is on me. It just may turn out that “where I am” is also going to be somewhere other than Michigan if I have to relocate.

You might ask what’s next? Well, since our global warm Mother Nature decided to drop a few inches of icy accumulation today, I’ve got to shovel out the driveway and sidewalks. Only plus side about this is the muse likes the distraction found with physical labor, so I’ll be ready to put some more words down this afternoon. I’ve knocked out about 5k in the last two days on the ghost story novel, and I’m about ready to wrap up the first section.

I could also look at self-publishing the two books I do have finished. I haven’t tested those waters yet, but I’m curious as to whether the pool is nice or not. I don’t look down on self-publishing through a place like Amazon. I just haven’t gotten to that point yet while I live off my severance.


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