Planning For Success


It’s all about planning. I don’t know why I struggle with this concept. I’m where I am today precisely because I planned certain aspects of my life about 33 years ago. It doesn’t matter which ones (since they’re personal and I’ve mentioned them in some detail in the past). What matters is that I know, and I’ve got to wonder if I’m insane for not doing the right thing for some many years.

I considered running a poll, asking my friends to select a number between 1 and 3, evading the decision I’ve got to make before my vacation ends. I was going to say abrogate rather than evade there, but that’s me avoiding clarity again, and what I need to do is clear my head.

I’ve worked on exercise as a component, and I’ve 18 days into a series of calisthenics that give me an endorphin high, but I push those off until the evening when I should knock them out first thing in the morning so I can jump-start my little grey cells.

So, the first order of business, first thing tomorrow, is Day 19’s squats, push-ups, and crunches. Second order of business is a shower and shave (a hot steam invigorates my muse for some reason). Third, brew some Red Rose tea. Fourth, sit down and work on the short story I need to write for Fantasy & Science Fiction.

The first three are the stool legs on which the fourth rests. They’re the plan, and the fourth … well, I’ll end up with a finished product following this regimen, so I’ll consider the result a success.

Besides, Thursday was the first day of the week at my old job, my sham-Monday, and what better day to start something new than on a Monday?


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writer, father, husband. not necessarily in that order.
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